June 1, 2007

Prada Loves Market

Now here's one market i'd love to visit! Miuccia Prada is an original thinker alright... the fashion house decided to throw a party in... well, a wet market... the kind that sells fresh produce and meat! of course they probably clean and scrubbed the whole place like never before...

the tables are scattered all over the area. even though its a wet market initially, the place is nothing short of luxe. I'd expect more than half if not all of the people who were invited to the party probably has never stepped into a market before.. let alone eat in one.. hahahha

what's even more interesting though, isthe fact that they left some of the stalls intact... while some other displays prada's work. like this one below that showcases the turban in various alluring colors... *yummy*

p.s. its been confirmed that fashionerd is heading down under once again! (translation: no more stockist hunting)

May 24, 2007

Nylon Flocks by Nicola Finetti

My favourite australian dress designer, Nicola Finetti boast a new website!


Not for the main line, but for the second (read:younger and cheaper) line, which in my opinion is every bit as good if not better than the main line.

May 21, 2007

Fashionerd's Top 10 RAFW v.01

in no particular order...

1. Nicola Finetti
The man (its a man if you, like many out there didnt know it just yet) just makes some of the most gorgeous dresses out there. The little black dress.... how boring, right? but i just can't get enough of it. This version by Nicola Finetti will be my little black dress for this season.

2. Alice McCall
The brand is a big hit with australian voguettes season after season. However, it seems that McCall has not been able to recreate the hype that Love Is A Drug dress has created. This dress has not got a mention in the vogue forum (not yet anyway). I'd be perfectly happy if I am the only person who likes the dress. Very sexy austronaut! :P

3. Carly Turland
Is that an insect i see in the middle of the dress?? heh... interesting details! (thank you l. for pointing out the dress ;))

4. Melanie Cutfield
I just love black details on a white dress. This dress also comes in plain black which is just as gorgeous but this version takes the cakes.

5. Anna Thomas
Very Marni lookalike! Me likey! Now this is a dress that I will probably buy for the wrong reasons. So I loveeeeeee Marni, but there's no way in the near future i would spend a grand on a dress. Handbag? Yes. Dress? nop... sorry.

6. Melly
There's no other color that says "summer" better than yellow and again, black details. The way the model poses probably makes the dress farrr cuter than what it really is though...

7. Nevenka
Even though I am looking forward to the whole vintage trend to fades (never get past the whole "it used to belong to someone else" thing), the kind of vintage influences on dresses are just too dear. I do love the vintage wannabes more than the real vintage. Mustard yellow might seem a little dull for summer, but look at this dress!!! imagine how cute it'll be to wear this and sit by the road somewhere sipping coffee while doing the all important people-watching? ;P

8. Shakuhachi
I hate pink! i've said that many many times. but i do admit that i love the stronger shades of pink thats popping up this season!

9. Lisa Ho
I have never worn a full length dress nor do i own one anywhere in my closet. But if i ever decides to wearone this season i;d like it to be this metallics one by Lisa Ho.

10. Matthew Eager
Ok, so a full length metallic dress might not do anything good to my proportions at all. This black one (i know i knowwwww, i just love black too much) by Matthew Eager might just be the more sensible yet still sexy choice.

May 20, 2007


for Lover 's 0708 collection go to


(too lazy too make screen caps... its was a dissapointing collection in my opinion. but my opinion about Lover always change whenever i see the pieces in person. i think Lover's stuff are all about details that you cant really pick out when its photographed. Based on the pictures so far, the only thing that i think i will get is probably the checkered shirt.)